Artifex is a growing visual effects studio in Vancouver BC. Recent work includes projects for Netflix, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. 

About the Position

We are currently seeking an IT Manager to join our team. You will be responsible for the maintenance and growth of our core infrastructure (Server/Storage/Network). We’re looking for a team player who is comfortable in a fast-paced environment, well organized, adaptable and a quick study.


·       Full-time management and troubleshooting of our network.

·       We are currently running Windows Server Active Directory - responsibilities would include managing user profiles, access rules, automating logon/logoff procedures.

·       Manage migration to Linux/mixed environment.

·       Handing on-site and off-site incremental backups. Snapshot backups, NAS based backups, encrypted cloud storage.

·       Distributed installation of programs, plugins, updates, scripts in a Windows environment.

·       Installation and maintenance of floating license servers (FlexLM, RLM) and node-locked licenses.

·       Managing hardware, replacing parts, updating drivers. Integrating new hardware.

·       Networking, laying out connections, port aggregation, monitoring and optimizing traffic.

·       Managing internet security, setting up firewalls, running wifi.

·       Operating internal FTP server. Troubleshooting client-side connection issues.

·       Managing multiple network storage devices, ensuring data integrity.

·       Maintaining performance and stability of dedicated render farm. Troubleshooting software related issues (Rush Network Render Queue).

·       Keeping track of inventory. Managing infrastructure and strategizing. Handling equipment upgrades.

·       Ensuring proper power distribution in the server room and on the floor. Maintaining UPS devices.

·       Ensuring hardware redundancy. Establishing fast turnaround procedures for hardware and software failures.

·       Communicating with software and hardware vendors. Dealing with tech support issues.

·       Administering all Internet services, including hosted Exchange, MS Office, additional subscription services.


 ·       Familiarity with Windows Server mandatory, OSX, Linux familiarity a plus. We are currently running a Windows-based network of 50+ clients, but are looking to move the facility to a predominantly Linux environment.

·       Python and additional languages very strong plus.

·       VFX facility experience a strong plus.

·       Interest in assisting with pipeline (rendering, tool-scripting, etc.) a strong plus.

·       Ability to program for the purpose of automation is a definite plus (Vbs, Python, Perl).

 Please send resumes to

 This is a Vancouver, BC - based position. BC residents only please. Although we appreciate all submissions, we will only be responding to those we wish to interview.